Laboratory reports of norovirus in Scotland

Publication Date: 08 April 2021

This report presents provisional information on laboratory reports of norovirus in Scotland up to the end of week 14 (week ending 04 April 2021) compared to the same time last year and the average for the same time period of the previous five years. This data is based on laboratory confirmed reports of norovirus from clinical diagnostic laboratories in Scotland which are reported to Public Health Scotland (PHS) via Electronic Communication of Surveillance in Scotland (ECOSS).

Main points:

  • The provisional total of laboratory reports for norovirus in Scotland up to the end of week 14 of 2021 (week ending 04 April 2021) is 13.
  • In comparison, to the end of week 14 in 2020 PHS received 189 laboratory reports of norovirus. The five-year average for the same time period between years 2015 and 2019 was 482.
  • The laboratory reports arise from confirmed infection in the whole population (community and healthcare). Laboratory confirmations represent just a small proportion of the true incidence in the community as most cases will experience a relatively mild self-limiting illness and will not require medical attention and have a stool sample submitted for laboratory testing.
  • These laboratory reports are based on real-time data and therefore the data for 2021 is provisional and subject to change.​


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Public Health Scotland
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Surveillance Report