Digital waste tracking consultation

22 February 2022

Article: 56/707

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has launched a UK wide consultation on the introduction of mandatory digital waste tracking. Over 200 million tonnes of waste are produced in the UK each year but there is currently no single or comprehensive way of tracking it, with legislation relating to the transport, management and description of waste being introduced separately over the last 30 years.

The consultation is seeking views on the practical aspects of implementing digital waste tracking across the UK including:

  • what waste activities and information will need to be recorded
  • what current waste reporting will be replaced by the new service
  • how users will be able to enter information onto the service
  • who will be required to enter information and when this will be expected
  • alternative provisions for digitally excluded waste holders
  • data access controls
  • cost recovery
  • compliance and enforcement
  • how the service should go liveĀ 

The responses received will help inform the design of the service, refine the proposals and produce regulations to support the waste tracking service. The consultation is open until 15 April 2022.

Source: SEPA, 14 February 2022