Scottish Government launches consultation on future pandemic PPE supplies

08 February 2022

Article: 56/505

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges to the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Scotland. The Scottish Government has established the PPE Futures Programme, which aims to learn from recent experience, promote innovation, and have strong, sustainable foundations for the provision of PPE in any future pandemic.

The consultation seeks views on the lessons that should be learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the proposed new strategic arrangements for pandemic PPE supply in Scotland, specifically public sector collaboration, future stockpiling arrangements, and how the private and third sector organisations can be supported in the event of a future pandemic. The Scottish Government are particularly interested in hearing the views of people who were engaged with PPE supply during the COVID-19 pandemic, either as an individual or as part of an organisation. 

The consultation is open until 22 March 2022 and can be completed online.

Source: Scottish Government, 25 January 2022