Fireworks and pyrotechnic legislation published

08 February 2022

Article: 56/504

The Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill aims to reduce the negative impact of fireworks and pyrotechnics on communities across Scotland, proposing tougher action on the sale and use of fireworks and the misuse of pyrotechnics.

The Bill follows the report of an independent Firework Review Group, which recommended tightening legislation to reduce the harm fireworks can cause. An analysis of the public consultation, published in December 2021, showed strong support for key measures in the Bill amongst those who responded.

The Bill’s proposals include:

  • the introduction of a fireworks licensing system
  • a new power for local authorities to designate firework control zones, where it is not permitted for the public to use fireworks
  • restricting the days fireworks can be sold to, and used by, the general public
  • a new offence to criminalise the supply of fireworks and pyrotechnics to under-18s to ensure adults do not purchase such products on behalf of children
  • a new offence of being in possession of a pyrotechnic while at, or travelling to, certain places or events, without reasonable excuse

Source: Scottish Government, 2 February 2022