Scottish Government publishes independent incineration review

17 May 2022

Article: 56/1910

On 10 May 2022, the Scottish Government published an independent report on incineration in Scotland. The report, with supporting documents, was authored by waste sector expert Dr Colin Church, and reviewed the role of incineration in the waste hierarchy, with a focus on aligning national capacity with Scotland’s waste reduction targets and has recommended a cap on future incineration capacity. 

The report has provided 12 policy recommendations for the Scottish Government, local authorities and the wider waste industry, including:

  • no further planning permission be granted to incineration infrastructure within the scope of this review, unless balanced by an equal or greater closure of capacity
  • the development of an indicative cap, which declines over time for the amount of residual waste treatment needed as Scotland transitions towards a fully circular economy
  • community engagement and trust be strengthened before, during and after development 

The Scottish Government will set out its initial response to the review in June, while public consultations on a Circular Economy Bill and a Waste Route Map will launch this month. 

Source: Scottish Government, 10 May 2022