New yellow fever eLearning resource

10 May 2022

Article: 56/1802

In partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES), Public Health Scotland (PHS) has developed a new yellow fever eLearning resource. The interactive programme aims to support registered healthcare professionals to gain the knowledge they require to safely and effectively deliver yellow fever vaccines, and will be of interest to healthcare professionals who: 

  • undertake yellow fever risk assessment and administer yellow fever vaccines 
  • are new to travel health service provision 
  • are experienced in travel health service provision looking to refresh their knowledge 

The resource is available to healthcare professionals through the NES TURAS Learn digital platform, for which free registration is available for those without an account. 

Please note that in Scotland, yellow fever vaccine can only be administered from yellow fever vaccination centres (YFVC) designated by PHS. Further details of training requirements for designated YFVC can be found in the PHS designation of yellow fever vaccination centres information pack

Source: TRAVAX, 4 May 2022