Key considerations to integrate HIV and mental health interventions

10 May 2022

Article: 56/1803

UNAIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO) have published a report emphasising the importance of integrating HIV and mental health services and other interventions, including linkages to social protection services, for people living with HIV and other vulnerable populations. 

The report finds that mental health conditions increase the risk of HIV infection, and people living with HIV have an increased risk of mental health conditions, which are associated with lower retention in HIV care, increased risk behaviours and lower engagement with HIV prevention. 

The publication is primarily intended for national and local policymakers, global, regional, country and local programme implementers, organisations working in, and providers of, health, HIV, mental health and other relevant services, civil society and community-based and community-led organisations and advocates. 

Although focus is on the integration of mental health with HIV services and other interventions, the considerations in the publication may be relevant to other services, including for HIV comorbidities such as tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections. 

Sources: UNAIDS, 28 April 2022 and WHO, 2 May 2022