Dengue in Singapore

03 May 2022

Article: 56/1702

The National Environment Agency of Singapore continues to report increasing numbers of dengue fever incidence in the country, with 4,713 cases in the first 15 weeks of 2022, a greater number than in the equivalent time period in any of the past four years. 

Dengue is an infection found in tropical and sub-tropical climates worldwide. Dengue is spread by Aedes mosquito bites and can cause a severe flu-like illness. 

There is no vaccine against dengue fever licensed in the UK, with treatment being supportive only. 

Advice for travellers

  • All travellers to endemic regions are potentially at risk of dengue fever and should be aware of this infection. Aedes mosquitoes are particularly persistent and aggressive, and bite between dawn and dusk. Prevention relies on avoiding mosquito bites at all times.
  • Travellers developing a fever during or on return from travel are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

Information and advice for travellers on dengue fever is available on the TRAVAX (for health professionals) and fitfortravel (for the general public) websites. 

Sources: TRAVAX, 22 April 2022 and fitfortravel, 22 April 2022