Products recalled as a precautionary action following an outbreak of salmonella linked to some Kinder products

12 April 2022

Article: 56/1406

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) are advising consumers not to eat certain Kinder products, listed in the product recall information notice (PRIN). This is in connection with a potential link to a salmonella outbreak, including cases in young children. As a result of the continuing investigation into the outbreak, Ferrero has extended its precautionary recall to cover all products produced in its factory in Arlon, Belgium, listed in the PRIN.

Investigations led by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), Public Health Scotland (PHS), Public Health Wales and Public Health Agency Northern Ireland found a link between reported cases of salmonella poisoning across the UK and products produced by the Ferrero company. In response to this, Ferrero has taken the precautionary step to undertake a further product recall with immediate effect whilst investigations continue. The packaging of recalled products may not refer to the Belgium factory where they were produced and may include a different contact address, so it is important that consumers check their products against the additional information in the recall notice, particularly the ‘best-before’ dates. To reduce the risk of any further illness, consumers should not eat the products listed in the recall alert and they and the parent or guardians of children should follow the risk advice within it.

Symptoms of salmonellosis typically resolve themselves within a few days and include diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and fever. However, symptoms can be more severe and lead to hospitalisation, especially in the very young and those with weakened immune systems.

Source: FSS, 6 April 2022