Water Safety Stakeholder Group publishes action plan

05 April 2022

Article: 56/1315

On 25 March 2022, the Water Safety Stakeholder Group, which consists of the Scottish Government and a range of key organisations, published an action plan providing extra funding, improved signs and lesson plans for pupils, following a number of water deaths.

The group have committed to further develop partnership working to help prevent drownings, and agreed a number of key actions including:

  • new water safety promotions targeted at areas with a higher risk of drowning, improved signage at popular locations including lochs and reservoirs and a risk assessment of beaches
  • additional funding of £60,000 for Water Safety Scotland (WSS) to develop its co-ordination role for all organisations with an interest in water safety
  • roll-out of a drowning incident review scheme, ensuring lessons are learned from all fatal and non-fatal incidents
  • lesson plans on water safety for pupils
  • continued development of the National Learn to Swim Framework delivered with local authorities
  • development of Scotland's Water Safety Code to ensure consistency of public messages on key issues, including hidden hazards and cold-water shock
  • training for businesses and the public on how to use rescue equipment and review of 999 procedures

Source: Scottish Government, 25 March 2022