Producers will pay for the environmental costs of packaging

05 April 2022

Article: 56/1313

Following a joint consultation by all four UK nations, it has been announced that producers will be responsible for waste created by their products, and the costs entailed with this packaging. Fees will be weighted, with producers paying more for packaging that is harder to reuse or recycle. It is hoped this will encourage businesses to use less packaging and to ensure what they do use is either recyclable or reusable. Fees charged will help fund improved local recycling collections of packaging waste from households.

Larger coffee shops, fast food chains and others who sell drinks in disposable paper cups will have to provide a dedicated bin to collect and recycle this waste from 2024.

Waste Zero Scotland hope these reforms will help drive the circular economy in Scotland and lead to a more sustainable approach to packaging where it is required, and with a substantial proportion of the 12 million tonnes of packaging waste produced annually in the UK going into landfill, note the importance of taking action to maximise the value of packaging by effective reuse and recycling, and reducing any unnecessary packaging.

Source: Scottish Government, 26 March 2022