Flu vaccination programme in Scotland to be extended

17 August 2021

Article: 55/3304

The Scottish Government has announced that the flu vaccination programme is to be extended, meaning more people in Scotland will be offered the flu vaccine. Those people eligible for the flu vaccine now include: 

  • those aged 50 and over 
  • those aged six-months to 49 years who have certain underlying health conditions which increase risk 
  • pregnant women 
  • children aged two-to-five years who are not yet at school 
  • health and social care staff 
  • unpaid and young carers 
  • all primary and secondary school-aged children who are in a school setting 
  • independent NHS contractors, including those working at GP, dental and optometry practices and community pharmacists 
  • laboratory staff working on COVID-19 testing, including support staff 
  • teachers, nursery teachers and support staff in close contact with pupils 
  • prison staff and support staff in close contact with the prison population, delivering direct detention services 
  • those in the prison population

The flu vaccination programme will run from September 2021 until March 2022. The Scottish Government is urging all those eligible to take up the offer of a vaccine as soon as possible after invitation, to help protect themselves and others, and assist the NHS and social care services in avoiding additional pressure over the winter period.

Source: Scottish Government, 8 August 2021