Building standards (fire safety): a consultation on external wall systems

27 July 2021

Article: 55/3011

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation seeking the views and opinions of stakeholders on a review of building standards relating to the fire safety of cladding.

The consultation covers five main areas: 

  • The wording of mandatory standard 2.7 relating to fire spread on external walls. 
  • Consideration of a definition and ban on the highest risk metal composite material (MCM) cladding panels. 
  • Options to improving standards and guidance on cladding systems, including the continued role of the large-scale fire test, BS 8414. 
  • Consequential matters, combustible exemptions. 
  • Impact assessments.

The proposed changes outlined in the consultation aim to improve fire safety for the design and construction of all buildings, in relation to external wall cladding systems, making them safer for those in and around buildings in the event of an outbreak of fire. The consultation is open until 8 October 2021 and responses can be completed online.

Source: Scottish Government, 16 July 2021