Anaphylaxis guidance update

18 May 2021

Article: 55/2002

The Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) has updated their guidance for healthcare providers on the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis. All healthcare professionals administering travel vaccines are asked to familiarise themselves with the new guidance.

The key changes to the guidelines are: 

  • increased emphasis on the use of intramuscular adrenaline and on the importance of avoiding sudden changes in posture during treatment 
  • specific dose of adrenaline for children below six months of age 
  • new algorithms provided for both the initial treatment of anaphylaxis and the treatment of refractory anaphylaxis 
  • information on the appropriate use of intravenous fluids and antihistamines 
  • guidance on the duration of observation following anaphylaxis

The RCUK website anaphylaxis guidance section includes a link to the latest vaccination-specific anaphylaxis guidance.

Further information for health professionals is also available on the TRAVAX anaphylaxis and vaccines webpage.

Source: TRAVAX, 10 May 2021