African swine fever: risks from feed, bedding and transport

04 May 2021

Article: 55/1806

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published new advice looking at the risk of African swine fever (ASF) being introduced to non-affected regions of the EU via pathways such as feed, bedding materials and empty pig transport vehicles returning from affected areas.

The potential for transmission through these pathways is lower than for several others, such as moving live domestic pigs or allowing contact between wild boar and domestic pigs, but the risk cannot be completely excluded. Compound feed (mash, pellets), feed additives and vehicles were most likely to become contaminated by the virus in ASF-affected areas and infected pigs in non-affected areas.

To reduce the risk of the virus being introduced to pig farms, EFSA recommends strict adherence to relevant decontamination and storage processes for all products moved from ASF-affected areas to unaffected areas.

Source: EFSA, 27 April 2021