Plans to stop non-household biodegradable waste going to landfill

06 January 2021

Article: 55/0106

The Scottish Government has announced an update to its climate change plan, with the aim of stopping all non-household biodegradable waste from entering landfill by 2025.

A ban on household biodegradable waste being sent to landfill is already in place and the Climate Change Plan 2018 to 2032 commits to consulting on extending this to cover business and non-municipal waste.

The proposals are part of a package of measures aiming to reduce food waste by one-third, and recycle 70% of all waste, by 2025.

Key initiatives include: 

  • restrictions on the supply of specified single use plastic items 
  • a proposed charge on single use disposable beverage cups 
  • legislation to increase the carrier bag minimum charge, from 5p to 10p, next year 
  • consultations in 2021 on electronic waste tracking, a mandatory national food waste reduction target and the mandatory reporting of Scotland’s food surplus and waste by food businesses 
  • the establishment of a £70 million fund to improve local authority recycling collection infrastructure

In line with the EU Commission’s Circular Economy Package, a consultation will look at requirements to separately collect garden waste by 2023 and textiles and hazardous elements of household waste by 2025. Additionally, extra funding will be available to double the number of landfill gas capture sites from 12 to 24 by 2025 in a bid to harness the energy generated from landfill and maximise circular economy opportunities.

Source: Scottish Government, 30 December 2020