Anaphylaxis guidance for vaccination settings

06 January 2021

Article: 55/0103

The Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) have updated their guidance on the management of anaphylaxis in a vaccination setting, to reflect the current COVID-19 mass vaccination programme. This updated information includes a poster of the algorithm for managing anaphylaxis, which is a useful resource for displaying in clinics.

While anaphylaxis following vaccination is rare, occurring in less than one case per million doses for vaccines in the UK, COVID-19 vaccines are new, so it is uncertain if the risk of anaphylaxis will be higher in comparison to other vaccines.

It should also be noted that, although the RCUK guidance has been updated in relation to the COVID-19 mass vaccination programme, it can be used in any vaccination setting. All healthcare professionals administering travel vaccines are asked to familiarise themselves with the new guidance.

Source: TRAVAX, 24 December 2020