FSA update shelf-life safety guidance for fresh beef, lamb and pork

15 December 2020

Article: 54/5004

After consultation with consumer and industry stakeholders, the Food Standards Authority (FSA) has updated its shelf-life guidance for vacuum and modified atmosphere packed chilled fresh beef, lamb and pork. Food business operators can now choose a safe shelf-life for these specific products in-line with their existing food safety management systems, in the same way they already do for other types of food. The FSA believe that moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach will benefit both consumers and industry, and will continue to ensure high food safety standards and lower unnecessary food waste.

The decision has been taken based on a combination of evidence that includes expert microbiological advice, epidemiological information on the occurrence of botulism, and international data gathered over many years on meat products. Implemented correctly, the FSA conclude that these new guidelines will have no negative impact on food safety.

Source: FSA, 10 December 2020