Flu education pack published

20 August 2019

Article: 53/3304

NHS Health Scotland has published the flu education pack, a set of resources aimed at school staff supporting the National Flu Immunisation Programme. The resources include: 

  • The ‘Flu immunisation in primary schools in Scotland’ guide for head teachers, which contains background detail on the flu programme and may help plan immunisation schedules in schools. 
  • Suggested classroom-based activities about flu and immunisation, with clear links to the Curriculum for Excellence. 
  • Samples of the invitation letter and leaflet which will be sent to parents. 
  • A sample of the post-immunisation advice leaflet, which is provided to parents following their child’s immunisation. 
  • Guidance to help support parents in accurately completing the consent form. 
  • The staffroom poster, a resource to raise awareness of the Flu Education Pack among teachers and school staff. 
  • Copies of posters for display in schools to increase awareness among parents and children about the flu immunisation programme. 
  • The ‘You and Flu’ film with short clips aimed at parents, carers, children and teachers, which can be shown in classrooms and assemblies. The film introduces flu and the concept of immunisation in what is hoped to be a fun and engaging way. It also shows the way the nasal spray vaccine is administered.

Source: NHS Health Scotland, 15 August 2019