TRAVAX cholera recommendations updated

13 August 2019

Article: 53/3201

The Health Protection Scotland (HPS) Travel and International Health team have recently carried out a revision of their cholera recommendations, for medical professionals, on all TRAVAX country pages. This has resulted in eight countries having a cholera recommendation removed and three countries having a cholera recommendation added.

Countries most at risk from cholera are mainly in Africa and Asia but outbreaks can occur in other areas affected by floods and natural disasters. The TRAVAX outbreaks page gives access to the most up-to-date information.

The mainstay of prevention of cholera continues to be through care with food and water precautions and good hand hygiene practices. Cholera vaccine may be considered for:

  • humanitarian aid workers in affected areasĀ 
  • those working in refugee camps or slumsĀ 
  • travellers visiting areas currently affected by a cholera outbreak, if unable to take effective precautions with water

The general public can access further advice on cholera on the fitfortravel website.

Source: TRAVAX, 5 August 2019