Climate Change Plan - 2018-2032

06 March 2018

Article: 52/907

On February 28 2018, the Scottish Government published its Third Report on Proposals and Policies, the Climate Change Plan for meeting greenhouse gas emission reduction targets 2018-2032. This plan sets out how Scottish Government will aim to drive down emissions over the period to 2032.

The Climate Change Plan, along with the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy, provides the strategic framework for the transition to a low carbon Scotland. It includes proposals and polices aimed at reducing emissions from electricity generation, housing, transport, services, industry, forestry, peatlands, waste, and agriculture.

Building on previous reports on policies and proposals, the Plan sets out the intended path to a low carbon economy while helping to deliver sustainable economic growth and secure the wider benefits to a greener, fairer and healthier Scotland in 2032.

The document is accompanied a by a technical annex, which provides an overview of the analysis underpinning the Climate Change Plan and a written statement setting out the Scottish Government’s formal response to the reports prepared by the four Parliamentary Committees who scrutinised proposals and policies in the draft Climate Change Plan published in January 2017.