Scottish public bodies’ climate change reports 2016 to 17

06 February 2018

Article: 52/0507

Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) is pleased to publish the Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) analysis of the public bodies’ climate change reports 2016 to 2017. The document is the second of its kind, which details Scotland’s public bodies climate change activities.

The report highlights the efforts of 180 public bodies across Scotland in reducing carbon emissions from the public sector last year. The overall 8% reduction in emissions is a result of factors including the direct efforts of public bodies through emission reduction projects and increased use of renewables, and a cleaner electricity grid. These all point to the public sector driving forward action in moving Scotland towards a low carbon society.

Produced and published by KSB on behalf of the Scottish Government as part of the charity’s work to support and develop the Sustainable Scotland Network, the document also details that since 2015 to 2016: 

  • there has been a 20% increase in carbon savings from implementation of mitigation projects across the sector
  • there has been a 20% increase in reported carbon savings from renewable generation
  • there was a reduction in 6% of waste tonnage going to landfill
  • there was a 2.2% drop in electricity consumption

In addition, almost 60% of public bodies reported renewable generation with solar panels featuring prominently, closely followed by biomass generation.

Source: KSB, 30 January 2018