Environmental incidents – SEISS report (wildfire)

03 July 2018

Article: 52/2610

The Scottish Environmental Incident Surveillance System (SEISS) recorded the following incident in the past week:

  • On Wednesday 27 June, more than 50 firefighters tackled a wildfire in woods near a West Lothian village. Crews were called to the blaze near Falla Hill Place in Fauldhouse at about 5pm. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said about 200 metres of woodland was alight and that the blaze was proving difficult and challenging to extinguish. The officer in charge of the incident said the fire was affecting trees and heavy vegetation. Source: Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, 29 June 2018

For more detailed information on SEISS, visit their website or contact either Ian Henton or Colin Ramsay at HPS on 0141 300 1100.