HPS publish report on HCAI in long term care facilities

10 April 2018

Article: 52/1401

The significant burden of healthcare associated infection (HCAI) is affecting three residents in every long term care facility (LTCF) across Scotland, according to a report from Health Protection Scotland (HPS).

The Point Prevalence survey (PPS) of HCAI and Antibiotic use in LTCF for the elderly, published on 10 April 2018, included data from 2,147 residents across 52 care homes in Scotland, and indicates the current prevalence of HCAI in care homes is 5.9%.

Antibiotic use remains at the levels when measured seven years ago, with one in every 16 residents taking one or more at any one time, presenting a continuing threat to antibiotic resistance. This burden of HCAI and prescribing, alongside the challenges in infection prevention and control in a LTCF setting, represent a public health threat with implications for resident safety and containing the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Scotland.