Report on reproductive toxicants

09 January 2018

Article: 52/105

Workers’ reproductive health can be put at risk by hazardous chemicals, such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals, as well as biological, physical, organisational and psychosocial factors.

The issue of reproductive occupational health risks has largely been focused on women, particularly pregnant women, but reprotoxic risks can in fact affect both women’s and men’s reproductive health. Reprotoxicants can also affect foetal and human development and effects include miscarriages, malformations and functional deficits.

A summary recently published in multiple languages by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) presents in short the results of a report that examines the current knowledge on workplace risks to reproduction. It highlights gaps in that knowledge and recommends ways forward to increase awareness and improve prevention.

Source: OSHA News Release, 5 January 2018