Contaminated land


The Environmental Protection Act (Part IIa) relates to the identification and treatment of contaminated land and came into force in Scotland in July 2000. Under the Act, local authorities are required to identify contaminated sites within their area and take steps to remove them.

Due to Scotland's vast industrial history there are many contaminated sites across the country. The extent to which these sites impact on public health is determined using a model that looks at the contaminant's:

  • source
  • pathways
  • receptors

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We provide advice to stakeholders on a site-specific basis in relation to the toxicological impact of pollutants on:

  • public health
  • proposed risk management strategies
  • risk communication with the public

We're also represented on the multi-agency Scottish Government Contaminated Land Advisory Group (CLAG) which provides advice to the Scottish Government on proposed changes to guidance and legislation.